My Media has Arrived!

By Steven Bennett, Technical Specialist

Over the Summer, we have been working on a media solution that would give us the abilities of YouTube with the security of our current media servers. And with a lot of searching and collaboration with Media Services, we at last found it!

My Media is a product from Kaltura, and it meets all of these needs. It can do all of this (and more!):

  • Host and store media
  • Provide embedding options
  • Integrate into eLearn
  • Allow users to upload their own media
  • Provide auto-captioning for any uploaded media

I felt everyone just kind of tense up there. Like you read that and went, “wait, it can provide captions? Huh?”

gif of man leaning around corner giving a thumbs up

Yes! Any media uploaded into My Media can have mechanical captioning requested for it! It’s about as accurate as YouTube’s mechanical captioning, meaning that it’s not perfect, but it’s about 80% correct (on average). But, My Media also has a way to go in and edit those captions that’s super easy once you get started.

So if you want to get started, check out the documents I’ve attached at the bottom of this post. These explain all the steps you’ll need. Or, if you have an idea, but you’re not sure what you’d need to do to get it online, contact Media Production Services to help make sure you’re on the right track.

Coming up soon we’ll discuss one of the other features in My Media: The ability to make a Video Quiz from your media.

Creating New Media in My Media

Captioning in My Media