Semester Start: Support for eLearn

By Andrea Scruggs, Coordinator for Distributed Education

Fall semester is beginning and you are frazzled, trust us, we understand. That is why we have created this Preparing eLearn for Start of Semester document to help you gather your thoughts and get your courses running as smooth as possible using eLearn. Below is a condensed checklist to make your start of semester that much easier.

Cleanup your Course

eLearn at Vol State logo

  • Copy in course content to new course shell.
  • Clear out old news announcements.
  • Create new news items.
  • Update release dates for modules.
  • Make sure syllabus is up to date.
  • Make sure all links are working.
  • Update dates for discussions.
  • Update dates for dropbox.
  • Update dates for quizzes.
  • Utilize the “student view” option to make sure the course looks good from the student perspective.

Email your Students

  • Welcome them to class.
  • Let them know how to access modules in your course.
  • Let them know how to best contact you.
  • Make them aware of how to find the syllabus.

Contact Distributed Education

The Distributed Education team is here if you need help getting your course ready for the new semester. Just send us an email to, call us x: 3665 or swing by Ramer suite 172 for a visit! You can even follow us on Twitter @VSCCDist_Ed to keep abreast of system information.

Attend Training

All faculty are welcome to sign up to attend any of our training and development workshops. Visiting our faculty resources page to access the latest training schedule. Don’t forget to stop by the new training room located in Ramer 172S4 during our Technology Scavenger Hunt and Open House Wednesday or Thursday morning, August 19-20. We’ll be open from 10-noon both days.