Social Bookmarking

By Andrea Scruggs
Senior Administrative Associate
Distributed Education

You may be thinking this is just some trendy, techy new buzzword. What if I told you that you have already been doing this for a while? I could go on some long blurb talking about user-generated and compiled metadata, but I’m not here to bore you. I’m here to explain (simply) what social bookmarking is, why it could be cool for you to use, and how you’ve probably been doing this for years.

What it is

When you save a link to your favorites bar on your browser (we recommend Google Chrome, just throwing that out there), you are bookmarking. Simple. But to up your game, you will want to add the Social aspect to your bookmarks. This allows you to save, or tag, a page that you think others will be interested in.

Ever heard of a little site called Pinterest? If you have actively used this site, then you have already been social bookmarking. See, I told you.

Bookmarking sites are also a great place to search for something you are interested in. To take advantage of tags, you can simply type in what you are looking for, such as “cute kittens” and the bookmark site will pull up all the pages that have been tagged with “cute kittens.”(You may be familiar with the hashtag phenomenon. #lookatmeimtagging)gray kitten

Why it’s helpful

Social bookmarking is a great habit to get into; it allows you to gather your information and access it anywhere you have an internet connection. This also allows you to easily share with students, coworkers, friends, family, sworn enemies… You get the idea. I’ve included a link with further explanation of social bookmarking and another site that has compiled social bookmarking sites you may find useful. As always, feel free to contact the Distributed Education team if you have any questions or want to chat about tagging and bookmarking.

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