Using ePortfolio in eLearn


When you think of a portfolio, mental images may pop into your head of a bound book or large briefcase stuffed with papers. This portfolio may contain snippets of your professional work, things to highlight your major milestones and achievements in your professional career, or even work samples. An ePortfolio allows you to do all of this and more, but in a digital format. The ePortfolio tool can be used by students for class assignments or for professional purposes. You can also use it for your faculty promotion packets. Group presentations are possible, too! Your ePortfolio can contain text, images, audio, and video files which you can store and use later when creating your finished portfolio.

Since ePortfolio is integrated with eLearn, you can trust that your information will be safely stored and easy to access. Students can submit ePortfolio presentations to your eLearn dropbox for easy assessment, and they can take their ePortfolio with them to a university or career. You can check out our past ePortfolio blog which will give you various perspectives on using this tool and how they make it work for you.

ePortfolio in Action

Have we peaked your interest yet? Take a look at this completed presentation “My First ePortfolio” which was published by Humanities faculty member, Mickey Hall, covering the basics of ePortfolio. In this portfolio presentation, Mickey walks you through the vocabulary so you can distinquish between an artifact and a presentation and why those words are important to know. You will also read about creating a layout, how to add content and additional pages, and how to share your completed presentation.

Basic Navigation

If you are ready to give it a try or prefer learning by doing, jump right in! But first, you will need to know how to navigate ePortfolio after you log into eLearn. From the eLearn homepage, click on ePortfolio in the nav bar.

Or, if you are already in a course, you may navigate to Course Tools and then select ePortfolio from the drop-down menu. Either navigation will take you to the same ePortfolio page; it is not course specific.

Once you are in ePortfolio, you will see a running feed of information that you have posted or items that have been shared with you. If the feed is empty, that means you don’t have any recent activity within ePortfolio. On the right of the screen, you will have the option to build a new presentation. On the lower right, any pending invitations from other users will be displayed.

Help! I have Questions!

So, now that you have an overview of ePortfolio you may be wondering what’s next. Contact the Distributed Education team and we can set aside some one-on-one time to help you really dive in. You can reach us by phone at 615-230-3665 or email us at Also, make sure you check our training schedule for upcoming ePortfolio training events.