Manage Dates Tool

By Andrea Scruggs

As you gear up for the next semester, you may feel that tingle of dread thinking about your course copies, and updating all of the dates for content, discussion topics and assignments. Never fear, the mange dates tool is here! This fun little feature will give you the option to edit dates individually OR in bulk. It can also offset dates forward or backwards. I know, I can feel your excitement. You may be wondering where this neat little tool is hidden, I am here to show you.

Once you are in the course you want to edit, click on Course Tools in the navbar and select Edit Course from the drop-down menu. The first picture below illustrates this step.

Course tools navbar, edit course selection








Under Site Resources, select Manage Dates as shown below.

Manage dates link




Once you are in the Manage Dates tool, you have the ability to filter by content or specific tool (discussion, dropbox, quiz, etc.) to narrow down which item you want to edit. From here, you can choose to edit dates individually by selecting the drop-down arrow next to the specific item and clicking Edit Dates. If you choose to edit dates in bulk, select the checkbox to select all items and select Edit Dates.

You will do the same steps to offset dates, but instead of selecting Edit Dates you will choose Offset Dates.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Distributed Education staff at 615-230-3665 or with any questions about this tool or any other eLearn questions. You can also check out the D2L About Manage Dates help if you want to figure this out introvert style.