Creating Engaging Discussions with Learner-Learner Interaction

Image of infographic which is discussed in the video.

Bryan Saums, Instructional Design Specialist

Do you want to increase students’ engagement in your online discussions? Do you want to grow learner-learner interaction in your discussions? Do you want to experiment with new discussion formats?

Our infographic (click to download a pdf) and video (down below) present several ideas for increasing learner-learner interaction in discussions.

I like to have students share research findings. I do this in two steps. First, via email, students provide peer review of papers. Then, when papers are complete, students present their findings in discussions. 

By the way, studies show that email is the online student’s favorite collaboration tool. How can you use email to promote learner-learner interaction and engagement in discussions?

I also like students collaborating on presentations to teach subjects I’d like to cover but don’t have time to address. I’ve had students use Google Drive and PowerPoint to create their presentations.

What are your ideas to promote learner-learner interaction in discussions? Please email me at and let me know. I’ll share your ideas with the campus community.