Stop, Collaborate and Listen…

By Andrea Scruggs, Distributed Education

Okay, so this tool is way cooler than Vanilla Ice in his glory days. Have you heard of Wiggio? It a free collaboration tool that we have been hiding from you. Now we are ready to share it with the world – okay, the school.

Wiggio is a way that students and faculty can collaborate away from the eLearn environment and make it their own workspace. It can be used for group projects for classroom work, or you can use it with your peers while working on department projects or course collaborations.

Wiggio homepage layout

Wiggio’s interface is user friendly for all levels of computer savvy – with intuitive buttons and a clean layout this system will be a breeze to use. 

Wiggio navigation buttons.

There are six main tools:

  1. Calendar – simple, shareable and email friendly.
  2. Folder – this allows you to upload any file type you would normally upload via eLearn and had it to a specific group that you are in or have created. Wiggio will also keep up with who has downloaded and re-uploaded the same file keeping you in the know.
  3. Meeting – you can use the informal chat room (remember those AOL days?) or use of the conference call. Wiggio uses a free service called Rondee, so no long distance charges – score!
  4. Poll – this allows you to have your group vote on things, like deadlines or whose turn it is to edit that PowerPoint.
  5. Messages – this is probably the coolest feature. You are able to text (as long as the members add their phone number), email or leave a voice note for group members. Here’s a link to the Wiggio privacy policy (new tab).
  6. Links – this allows you to copy links and add to a shared bookmark.

 You may already be using a collaboration tool that you like, but give this one a shot; we think you will love it.

We would love for you to join us for a training, which you can register for by going to our training calendar. If you would prefer to set up one on one training or group training on Wiggio, contact the Distributed Education Team at 615-230-3665 or send us an email at and we can get you all set up!