This is How I Roll

By Dr. Sidney Hardyway, VSCC Psychology Faculty

In this 3-part video series, Dr. Hardyway presents us with a challenge: “Are we ready to adapt as education changes?” Click the link in each section to open the video. Afterwards, click the back arrow in your browser to come back to the blog.

Are we ready to adapt?

In the online classroom, issues such as immediacy and engagement are important. New classroom dynamics exist in online classes, such as a lack of expression, anonymity, permanent-partial attention, and limited faculty ownership/control of the learning space. Faculty are challenged to recognize these issues and develop themselves professionally in order to engage today’s online students.

Section 1: Online Instruction: The New Classroom

  • What do you bring to the course?
  • What is your role in “all of that” technology and information?
  • How do you view all the technology and information available to students, as resources, or as distractions?

Section 2: Teaching Personality: Understanding the “Online Persona” of the Online Teacher

  • If you are an online instructor, what do you do to share your persona with your students?
  • What characterizes you as a professional educator?
  • How do you want to be seen by your students?
  • If you’re ever been a student in an online course, in what ways have you been able to get to know the instructor’s personality that helped you connect with him or her?

Section 3: Identification and Integration of Best Practices

  • What are your favorite tips for “building your wheel?” to keep yourself and your students engaged throughout the course?