Conteplating Ideas for Potential Initiatives

In my downtime this Holiday season, I have been exploring the potential ways for the P-16 Council to engage in a comprehensive effort to address the workforce and economic development needs in the region. From a series of discussions with stakeholders in the economic and workforce development industry, there seems to be an agreement on the goals for education and business & industry. However, the questions continues to center on what should be the first steps for this region.

From the advice given during these conversations, I will begin to share some helpful resources to consider when thinking about how can we collectively engage in an effective initiative to enhance our current footprint, with respect to economic and workforce development. For this entry, I will introduce the College Board and Advocacy Center. In my brief review of the site and the organization mission, there are some useful sources of content to help frame the discussion on how the community could enact positive change in college-preparedness in a given community. Please take a look at this page about college readiness counseling and let me know your thoughts. This organization also spells out there approach to innovation, and how advocacy plays an important role in the overall effort.

Image from the College Board and Advocacy Center

Image from the College Board and Advocacy Center

In any case, I encourage everyone to take a look at the site, and give me your thoughts on how this content may be useful to developing an agenda for the Council. I hope you find this useful.



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