The Benefits of Dual Enrollment

In a study of dual enrollment students in Florida and New York conducted by the Community College Research Center at Columbia University, the following short-term outcomes were observed:

  • Dual enrollment was positively related to students’ likelihood of earning a high school diploma
  • Dual enrollment was positively related to college enrollment
  • Dual enrollment students were statistically significantly more likely to persist in college to a second semester
  • Dual enrollment students had statistically significantly higher postsecondary GPAs one year after high school graduation.
1 Community College Research Center. (2008). Dual Enrollment Students in Florida and New York City: Postsecondary Outcomes. New York, New York: Teachers College, Columbia University.

Please also take a look at the Dual Enrollment Fact Sheet(TBR Meeting6 24 11), which contains a good solution to tighten the integration between community colleges and the K-12 system. Please let me know if you have any presenters to discuss the value-added benefits of dual enrollment.

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