choosing an e-book reader or tablet

e-book reader or a tablet? Kindle or Nook? iPad or Kindle Fire?

Who has the better marketplace? Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Apple?

With each new product the choices get harder. It basically comes down to what you need and what product can deliver it at a price with which you are comfortable.

Check out the CNET article “Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Which e-book reader should you buy?” to help you decide. Whatever you decide know that tomorrow it is outdated and be prepared to accept it for a year or two. Who knows what 2012 will bring.

Sidebar: I opted for the $99 Kindle Touch with special offers, but I see an iPad in my future.

A helpful place

Need help?

  • Need to read a textbook?  Ask at the long, tall desk (1st floor; left-hand side inside Library).  Many faculty have provided a textbook for 2 hours use in the Library only.  You will need your Vol State I.D. to check out the textbook and any library materials.
  • Need to use a computer?   Know your Vol State username and password to log in to a computer. Ask the computer lab assistant for help (1st floor; main aisle and close to the photocopying room).
  • Need to make a photocopy?  Can do! 10 cents a page.
  • Need help finding a book, magazine, newspaper or journal article?  Ask the person at the first desk on the right inside the Library.
  • Need help @ the Livingston, McGavock or Springfield libraries?  On-site staff are there to help you.  Please call 615-230-3405 for more help or email

Please ask for help! Everybody on the Thigpen Library staff wants you to have a successful semester!

The End is Near

It’s the week before finals and all through the library
students are scrambling for a computer or a quiet place to study.
Students are stressed, tempers are short, and its late afternoon with no latte around
Tension is high because the essay is due and it must sound profound

Okay, so it’s awful poetry but it does convey the message that the library changes at this time of the semester. Be considerate!

Keep the noise down. The music leaking from your headphones may not be relaxing to those around you. I’m glad Emily and Brandon are back together, but a student needs to study so please take your cell phone call to a designated area.

Computers are needed for academic work. You may find it relaxing to surf the Net and check Facebook updates but it is stressing out the student who needs a computer to complete an assignment. Keep the entertainment breaks short.

One last thing – good luck on your finals!

Welcome to the Thigpen Library

Welcome to our new students and welcome back to our returning students.  Here is a quick list of some of the services that are available in the Library:

  • Textbooks (some, not all) that can be used in the Library
  • Laptops (library use only)
  • Group Study Rooms
  • Computers
  • Photocopy machines (.10 per copy)

Of course, we still have books that you can check out for research.  We also have a good selection of databases for articles.  Please stop by the reference desk for information assistance.