Maymester Library Hours

The Library will be closed Saturday, May 7, and re-open Monday, May 9, for the first day of Maymester classes.

During Maymester, the Library will be open:

Monday through Friday:  7:30 am until 4:30 pm
Saturday:  8:00 am until 12:00 Noon


The End is Near

It’s the week before finals and all through the library
students are scrambling for a computer or a quiet place to study.
Students are stressed, tempers are short, and its late afternoon with no latte around
Tension is high because the essay is due and it must sound profound

Okay, so it’s awful poetry but it does convey the message that the library changes at this time of the semester. Be considerate!

Keep the noise down. The music leaking from your headphones may not be relaxing to those around you. I’m glad Emily and Brandon are back together, but a student needs to study so please take your cell phone call to a designated area.

Computers are needed for academic work. You may find it relaxing to surf the Net and check Facebook updates but it is stressing out the student who needs a computer to complete an assignment. Keep the entertainment breaks short.

One last thing – good luck on your finals!

Thigpen Library Survey – How are we doing?

Every two years or so Vol State students, faculty, staff and administrators have an opportunity to evaluate the Library’s resources and services. The Library’s Spring Semester Survey is available in print in the library and the link to the online version has been sent to everyone’s Vol State email address.

Do we have the materials you need for your research? If there is something you need that we don’t have, put that in the comments section. Is our staff helpful and knowledgeable? Here’s your chance to tell that person how much you appreciated the help. Please use the comments section to let us know what would make your experience in the library a great one. You can also let us know what we’re doing right! We don’t want to cut a database or discontinue a service that’s helpful to you.

To help us determine the best way to let you know about library services, we’re asking you if you use RSS feeds, blogs, chatting, podcasts, etc.  And, if you can’t come to the library for assistance, how would you prefer to receive research assistance — via phone, email, texting, chatting? This will help us decide whether or not we need to add a texting or chatting service.

We take the results of this survey very seriously and use them to plan for future services.

Why is that person important?

Who was Alexander Hamilton – the guy on the ten-dollar bill?  He helped develop the U. S. Constitution.  Read more about him in the Library’s trial database: Biography Reference Center — one that the Library is considering for purchase.  We have access through May24.

Hope you’ll do a little browsing in Biography Reference Center and compare it with what you find in Biography in Context.  Please post your impressions.