All we want are the facts, ma’am

The United States has 286 million cellular telephone subscribers and is number 3 in the world.

17.7 million adults in the United States  have been diagnosed with hay fever in the past 12 months.

There were 8 infant deaths in Sumner County in 2007 and 19 in 2008.

47.2% of the population of Tajikistan is at the poverty level, the average life expectancy is 67 years, and 100% of the adult population is literate.

Ever need facts such as these?

Check out our new Data [not the android] LibGuide for links to credible web-based resources and useful books in our collection. Use this LibGuide as the starting point to find statistics to bolster your arguments.

Note: The data sources for the above statistics are CIA World Fact Book, CDC Data & Health Statistics, Tennessee Health Statistics, and World Bank: Data. Links available in the afore-mentioned LibGuide.

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Browsing the 2nd Floor new book shelves, I found books about automobile design, fossil fuels and the Historical Guides to Controversial Issues in America:  Alternative Energy.  If you find something you’re interested in reading, just check it out.