Final exams approaching! Studying in progress…

Contributed by Julie Brown, Technical Services Librarian

Are you looking for a quiet place to study? Look no further. The Thigpen Library can help you find that elusive, quiet place to study. The 2nd floor Silent Study Room is a comfortable setting that offers the solitude you are seeking for quiet study.

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How silent is “silent”? The expectations of this Silent Study Room:

  • NO talking/absolute silence
  • NO group work
  • NO loud keyboard clicks/laptops on silent
  • NO cell phones ringing (set phones to silent and take calls in the designated cell phone areas)
  • No music (quiet music with headphones /earbuds/ AirPods only)
  • If noise is ever a problem, please notify the library staff
silence sign
Silence sign posted in silent study room

What are the benefits of using the Silent Study Room? You will have a place to concentrate, problem solve and do other complex work in a noise free environment. The Silent Study Room is not only for Vol State students, faculty members have said that the Silent Study Room is a great place for grading papers.

Is the Silent Study Room a little too quiet for you? Do you need to work in a group or engage in quiet conversation? The library has a variety of spaces or “study zones” specified for different noise levels. Please see the designated study zone signs placed throughout the library. The library offers areas for quiet study and conversation-friendly zones. Study Rooms are available for 2-hour check-out on a first-come first-served basis, reservations are accepted. As an FYI, the Study Rooms are NOT sound proof, so be mindful of noise levels and respectful of others using the library. A Practice/Presentation Room is available for groups or individuals. You will find other areas for quiet study on the 2nd floor, including an abundance of tables and individual study carrels.

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The first floor computer lab is, by nature, a busy area with lots of foot traffic and moderate noise levels. This is considered a conversation friendly study zone but the expectation is for everyone to be courteous.

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The library is here to support your academic needs, whether it is a quiet place to focus without interruption or a place for scholastic conversation and engagement. ASK! The library staff are here to help.

Veterans – remember and support them everyday

November 11 is a day of remembrance in the United States and other countries around the world. The date is significant because at 11:00 AM on November 11, 1918 a cease fire ended the fighting in World War One. The date was known as Armistice Day until 1954 when President Eisenhower signed a proclamation naming it Veterans Day to honor veterans of all American wars.

Now on November 11 wesalute everyone who has served in the United States military. I encourage you to learn and share the stories of your relatives and friends who served in the military. Share your stories of life in the military. Support government and non-profit services for veterans. Remember and support our veterans daily.

Here are some links to connect veterans with local, state, and national resources.

Directory of Veterans Service Organizations [PDF]

Veterans Affairs [US]

Veterans Services [Tennessee]

Veterans Affairs [Vol State]


Spotlight on September Events

Fun Facts

A fun, and informative, time was had by all who stopped by the Thigpen Library’s “Wheel of Knowledge” game at the Campus Resource Fair at the Gallatin campus on Wednesday, September 4, 2019. Library workers became quiz show hosts as students spun the wheel and answered library-related questions. If the students answered the questions correctly, their names were put in for a drawing for two free movie tickets. The library workers/quiz show hosts were happy to see so many students answer the questions correctly. Congratulations to Sayuri Moraga, who was the lucky winner of the pair of tickets to NCG Cinema! We appreciate all who participated.


Java Jolts

Visit the Thigpen lobby of the Gallatin campus September 23 & 24 for a jolt of java. Free coffee, courtesy your friendly Thigpen Library, will be served from 8:30 am – 10:30 am (or while supplies last). We want you to be alert so that you will not accidentally singe your eyebrows in chemistry lab or spend hours trying to figure the square root of Pi while worrying if you dangled your participle in English class.


Author Talk

Join us on September 25 at 6:00 pm in the Caudill Auditorium as author, Andrew Maraniss, discusses his biography of Perry Wallace, the first African American basketball player in the Southeastern Conference. Maraniss will recount Wallace’s courageous struggles he faced on campus at Vanderbilt and on the road at the hostile environments of other schools in the South in the 1960s. This event is sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Athletics, and Thigpen Library. Refreshments will be served.

Banned Books Week

Did you know that there is an annual national event that celebrates the freedom to read? There are many books that are challenged by parents or patrons in school, public, and academic libraries, as well as bookstores. The week of September 22 – 28 show your support by reading a banned book and viewing our display in the Thigpen lobby on the Gallatin campus. Don’t know what books have been banned? Check out the ALA Banned Books list. Log into the Thigpen Library Catalog to search for banned books in our collection.


Thigpen Library is not only a depository of information but also disseminates cultural and social knowledge. Stop by and view our display shelves on the Gallatin campus to see what’s trending each month. For September, we have a display of Hunger Action Month in our lobby. Want a recommendation for a good book to read? We have a display entitled, “We are What We Read”, where Vol State employees suggest titles for your reading pleasure. September is also Classical Music Month; check out that display in the little cubbyhole on the second floor near the restrooms. Finally, if you want to succeed in college, we can help you with that. Take a gander at our “College Success” display.

  • Submitted by Lynda Vincent

Meet the Team!

It’s football time in Tennessee! It’s also school work time here at Vol State. Meet our Public Services team in Gallatin who are here to help you score big in your classes.

Whiteboard poll response people are awesome here!
Whiteboard response from a VSCC student.

Lynda Vincent, your Public Services Coordinator, can coach you on how to do research for that big paper.

Lynda Vincent

Ann Kirkpatrick, your Library Assistant, is here to cheer you on so you don’t get sidelined.

Ann Kirkpatrick

Michael Hitzelberger, your Library Assistant, can show you technology that can help you tackle those tricky assignments.

Michael Hizelberger

Candace Lewis, your Library Assistant, can help you blitz through those tough times when you need help finding just the right book for that report.

Candace Lewis

Meredith Yates, your Library Associate, can suggest some funny DVDs when you just need a timeout.

Meredith Yates

So, kickoff the school year right by visiting your home team here in the library. We’re no Saints, but we have the heart and drive to help you succeed!

graphic of football player reading