Final exams approaching! Studying in progress…

Contributed by Julie Brown, Technical Services Librarian

Are you looking for a quiet place to study? Look no further. The Thigpen Library can help you find that elusive, quiet place to study. The 2nd floor Silent Study Room is a comfortable setting that offers the solitude you are seeking for quiet study.

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How silent is “silent”? The expectations of this Silent Study Room:

  • NO talking/absolute silence
  • NO group work
  • NO loud keyboard clicks/laptops on silent
  • NO cell phones ringing (set phones to silent and take calls in the designated cell phone areas)
  • No music (quiet music with headphones /earbuds/ AirPods only)
  • If noise is ever a problem, please notify the library staff
silence sign
Silence sign posted in silent study room

What are the benefits of using the Silent Study Room? You will have a place to concentrate, problem solve and do other complex work in a noise free environment. The Silent Study Room is not only for Vol State students, faculty members have said that the Silent Study Room is a great place for grading papers.

Is the Silent Study Room a little too quiet for you? Do you need to work in a group or engage in quiet conversation? The library has a variety of spaces or “study zones” specified for different noise levels. Please see the designated study zone signs placed throughout the library. The library offers areas for quiet study and conversation-friendly zones. Study Rooms are available for 2-hour check-out on a first-come first-served basis, reservations are accepted. As an FYI, the Study Rooms are NOT sound proof, so be mindful of noise levels and respectful of others using the library. A Practice/Presentation Room is available for groups or individuals. You will find other areas for quiet study on the 2nd floor, including an abundance of tables and individual study carrels.

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The first floor computer lab is, by nature, a busy area with lots of foot traffic and moderate noise levels. This is considered a conversation friendly study zone but the expectation is for everyone to be courteous.

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The library is here to support your academic needs, whether it is a quiet place to focus without interruption or a place for scholastic conversation and engagement. ASK! The library staff are here to help.