New Google Maps Awesomeness Coming Soon

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Google MapMaker is a community editing interface for Google Maps. It’s an awesome idea and I’m not exactly sure how I’m just now hearing about it. It launched in 2008! I’m 3 years behind the times!

Only, it’s not available in our area. And by “our area” I don’t mean rural Tennessee. I mean the United States. Iceland has it. We don’t. But we’re not alone. Canada doesn’t have it. North Korea does. Austrailia doesn’t have it. Sri Lanka does. I have no idea what logic is dictating the order in which regions become editable. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

Cannot add new Community College

I'd love to be able to tell all Google Maps users that this is the outline of our main campus. Think of all the awesome location aware stuff we could do with that!

Cannot add new building

I'd love to be able to tell all Google Maps users that this is the Hal Reed Ramer Administrative Building. Too bad our campus isn't in Antarctica. Then I'd be able to.

Maybe, at the very least, I can use the geo coordinates some of the MapMaker error messages contain to plug into the API to make our own custom layers. I’d much rather be able to share that information with the world than keep it walled up in a Javascript file on our server. I’d also like to be able to correct some of the errors currently in the Google Maps data for our campus. For example, the marker for the Library is currently placed over the Ramer Administration Building.

That's no library

That little graduation cap icon labeled "Volunteer State Comm Clg Library" is about 30 feet from my office, and half way across campus from the actual Library