Posted by Webmaster in New Features - 2 Nov 2011, 4:09pm

Now that I have had some time to lift my head above the water, it’s time to introduce myself. My name is Jefferson Furtado and I am the new Webmaster for the Volunteer State Community College. I come to Vol State from the non-profit / faith-based world and I have had many years of experience … Read more

New Google Maps Awesomeness Coming Soon

Google MapMaker is a community editing interface for Google Maps. It’s an awesome idea and I’m not exactly sure how I’m just now hearing about it. It launched in 2008! I’m 3 years behind the times! Only, it’s not available in our area. And by “our area” I don’t mean rural Tennessee. I mean the … Read more

My previous post about encrypting all our our web traffic didn’t generate a ton of feedback. But the feedback it did generate was unanimously in favor. My only reservation is the performance hit we’d take (and a bug with IE refusing to stream our videos on an encrypted page, but I’m working on that). So … Read more

That was quick

Posted by Webmaster in Uncategorized - 15 Feb 2011, 10:07am

There’s a guy over on the BoagWorld forums with an issue with WordPress eating his line breaks. That’s what that last entry was about. I’m trying to replicate his issue here. Being unable to replicate the issue, I turned to Google immediately after publishing the last entry and spot checking it. By the time I … Read more

Worsbrough Bridge Cricket Club Park Road Worsbrough Bridge Barnsley Yorkshire S70 5LJ 01226 284452

90s Slang

Posted by Webmaster in Uncategorized - 8 Feb 2011, 4:06pm

I need examples of 90s slang. In particular, I need short adjective phrases used to describe something positively. The way I put it on Twitter was: “Totally rad” is to the 80s as X is to the 90s. Solve for X. I think part of the problem is the early 90s bleed into the 80s … Read more

Spam as a service

Posted by Webmaster in Uncategorized - 4 Feb 2011, 9:01am

I just got a spam message that called my attention to a legitimate broken link. It then went on to suggest that, while I’m fixing the broken link, I should consider adding a link back to them. The problem being the broken link points to what was once the official web presence for the now-retired … Read more

Should we encrypt all our traffic?

Posted by Webmaster in Uncategorized - 1 Feb 2011, 12:43pm

We should be encrypting our form submissions. The fact that we don’t bugs the craftsman in me. Selective Encryption At first I was thinking about writing a script that gracefully redirects our forms to use encryption. But how do I get people back on a non-encrypted connection after they are done with the form? I … Read more

Our Mobile Traffic

Posted by Webmaster in Uncategorized - 25 Jan 2011, 10:07am
Our Mobile Traffic

I compare recent mobile traffic to mobile traffic from a year ago and find that it accounts for nearly 25% of our growth. Read more

Link Strategy for Luminis Portal

Posted by Webmaster in Uncategorized - 20 Jan 2011, 10:23am

The way I’ve been approaching the Luminis portal roll-out for students is incrementally adjusting links in the Quicklinks section. I’ve approached this as a 2-step process. Change link text to “My VolState (old link text)” as a visual que that the old resource is available in a new way. Alter the link to point to … Read more