Without a doubt, excitement is pervasive throughout college campuses nationwide and the same is true for Volunteer State Community College.  From my perspective in Student Service, I get to witness and participate in your excitement  –

  • excitement about coming to college for the first time after high school graduation;
  • excitement about coming to college after years of having to put off this opportunity;
  • excitement about coming back to college at age 78 and defeating calculus which was a stumbling block during the younger years;
  • excitement about getting a college ID card – YES,  students are ecstatic about getting that first college ID card
  • excitement about graduating from Vol State to either enter the workforce with credentials or continue on this journey in a four year institution

…. and that’s just the tip of the excitement iceberg.

As you move about campus, you’ll also notice many changes taking places in our beautification project and the anticipation of new buildings.  Looking forward to their completion is truly exciting.


From all of us in Evening Services – welcome back!