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The Vision of the North Central P-16 Council is to promote the relationship between education and the value of work, develop a highly trained workforce, and create a culture of lifelong learning by positively impacting student success through awareness, advocacy, and action.

Mission Statement
The mission of the North Central P-16 Council is to bring together stakeholders from the private and public sector to strengthen connections, improve communication, share resources, knowledge, and expertise, to improve student success for all students pre-kindergarten through postsecondary.

Goal 1:  To get students prepared for career and/or college

Action Steps/Outcome Measures:

  • Encourage communication and dialogue among community stakeholders about education and workforce development
    • Host quarterly North Central P-16 council meetings with targeted agendas
    • Hold a school superintendants forum
      • Develop a top priority needs list for each county
  • Develop programs and initiatives to improve student success, teacher training, and business engagement
    • Partner with local civic and education organizations to develop a comprehensive internship and externship program
      • Develop a program and plan to support one teacher and one student cohort
    • Establish funding streams from business partners to support internship and externship opportunities
      • Raise funds to support a pilot cohort (teacher and student cohort)
    • Create a teacher externship program with local business and industry
      • Develop one pilot cohort
    • Create a student externship program with local business and industry
      • Develop one pilot cohort
  • Establish a communication platform to better engage local stakeholders and community members on matters related to education and workforce development
  • Develop a 5-county region Education Report
  • Distribute copies (e-document) to 1000 community members and stakeholders
  • Create a P-16 Council blog
    • Establish a baseline of 10 visitors per day
    • Create 20 blog entries/articles


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