Quick intro to library resources

Faced with a research assignment this semester? Does the phrase “cite your sources” send chills up your spine? Let the Library help ease your frustrations and anxiety. Join us at one of our Learn@the Library workshops this semester and learn about books, e-books, databases, and NoodleBib.

The first two sessions occur this Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan 24 and 25. On Tuesday learn about databases, your source of articles. On Wednesday learn how to find books – both print and digital – in our collection.

Sessions begin at 2:30 p.m. in the library’s Research Center, located on the first floor behind the Reference desk. 15 minutes in one of these sessions may save hours of frustration later.

Databases: They can be your source for magazine, journal and newspaper articles

Welcome Students!   When you get class assignments to find a magazine, journal or newspaper article, the Library’s databases are a good source.   Look at the EResources webpage at http://www.volstate.edu/Library/Resources.php; it will link you to almost 50 databases (databases contain lots of articles).  You may discover you need a little help selecting or searching the databases… no problem!  If you are in the Library, just ask a librarian to guide you through the process.  If you’re off-campus, we want you to pick up the phone and call 615-230-3405 or email librarian@volstate.edu.

Whether on or off-campus, you will be able to read full-text articles, save them and print them.  Do remember to make a note of the database where you found the article; you’ll need it to create a bibliographic citation—but that’s something to think about another time.

Students and Vol State employees have off-campus access to the databases and other library resources, such as ebooks.  You can connect to the databases when off-campus by entering your Vol State email username and password (not your V-Number) when needed.

Happy searching!  Remember, we are ready to help you find information!

Your Vol State Librarians

check out that charity that wants your money

passing dollars from one hand to anotherIs it the spirit of giving this time of year or the spirit of give to me ? The latter may seem more appropriate when inundated with requests for charitable donations.

Ignore the emotional appeal and ask yourself: Do I support their mission and objectives? The best place to find the answer for this question is the charity’s own website.

The next question is: How do they spend their charitable donations? Answer this question by checking on a charity at one these sites.


Better Business Bureau

Charity Navigator

Tenn. Secretary of State Charitable Fundraising

And remember “a fool and his money are soon parted.”