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March 3, 2011

Faculty Council Minutes
March 3, 2011

Members attending:

Jana Allen, Carolyn Moore, Loretta Calvert, Joan Weaver, George Wilson, Bobbie Kilbane, Reneé Eades, Judi Truitt, Daniel Kelley, Jane Armour, Greg Burgess, Jamshed Ghouse, Chuck Conrad, Kokesh Kadakia, Kevin Cook

Guests: Kiel Murphy, Dianne King, and David Roth, representing the Campus Bookstore and Sue Pedigo from Financial Aid

Aligning Financial Aid and Textbook Purchases:

There is a new law that we must provide students will funds by which to purchase their books at least 7 days into the term. Financial Aid and the Bookstore are working together to get our systems communicating, so students may begin charging their books four days before the term begin. They will be able to charge books for 3 days and then there will be one day of reconciliation and classes will begin the next. This is for students whose files are complete and ready 10 days before the term begins, not for the late appliers. Other Considerations of Financial Aid:

Twenty per cent of total students will probably be late in doing the necessary paperwork in order to receive funding. This summer, students must progress twenty-four credit hours to keep their Pell Grants. Sue Pedigo urged faculty to be sure to recheck their attendance reporting for this semester, as there were 187 sections last Fall semester that had students on the roll whose attendance had not been marked. This is important because the federal government requires that students establish attendance. Student are granted some exceptions or under-performed on a case by case basis. Students can receive financial aid without taking a full course load. Students receive funds for living expenses and financial aid deducts the cost of tuition. A loophole in financial aid is that a student can unofficially withdraw from one institution and receive financial aid at another. Some faculty of online students require an early assignment so that attendance can be checked. RODP has an engagement flag to verify attendance. Financial aid hours are frozen on the fourteenth day (census day). $5,550 is the maximum per year for a Pell Grant.

Information from the Campus Bookstore:

Campus Bookstore personnel indicate that they can manage the new financial aid policy. The fall semester officially starts on Aug. 27, and financial aid will be available on Aug. 23 for three days. Financial aid uses direct deposits. Students must attend all their classes to receive their textbook money. Summer book orders are due on March 15, and fall book orders are due on Apr. 15. Rental books are low-cost items for students. The Bookstore will buy back a book if it is used again and is needed for a class.


After the financial aid and textbook discussion, the minutes for the Feb. 3, 2011, faculty council meeting were approved.

Outside Employment form:

The Cabinet approved the Outside Employment form developed by members of the Faculty Council.

Academic Grade Appeal Form:

George Wilson, representing the grade appeal committee, presented the grade appeal packet that includes information from both student and instructor and a checklist. Late withdrawal has been the main issue for grade appeals. The council examined the grade appeal package and discussed grade appeal issues. The Student Services office has grade appeal packages. The question arose about a situation when a student under extreme circumstances waits beyond a year for an appeal? The case goes to Student Services (Patty Powell) to be resolved. George presented examples of how the form will be used. The council suggested that the form be formatted as an HTML file and recommended a slight change in the signature line.
Parking Issues:

Math and science instructors have been using visitor parking and are receiving parking violations for doing so. The big issue is that neither staff / faculty parking or visitor parking is available. A suggestion was that faculty should get a pass for using visitor parking to get to a class. Night students can park anywhere on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Faculty members have an appeal process for a ticket and can call Lisa Lynch. Loretta will bring up the parking issue again in cabinet.

Painting Faculty Offices:

A seven-year rotation schedule will be put in place for painting faculty offices. This policy will be equitable.

Mandatory Training for Faculty:

Some council members felt that the email to faculty about security training had a harsh tone. One faculty council member took 1.5 hours to complete the training. Some questions in the program did not pertain to an academic environment. The training seems to be excessive – nine sections long.
A suggestion was made that sexual harassment avoidance training be a combination of live and computer training. The president’s cabinet proposed that a letter of reprimand might be sent to faculty who did not (deliberately) take the training. This motion was discouraged because of confusion and because some persons may not have realized that the training was available and mandatory.

Other Items:

Council members should recommend that their divisions nominate candidates for next year’s faculty council.

Reminder to see Clarence Dobbins’ email about posting minutes.

The meeting was adjourned; the next faculty council meeting is scheduled for April 7.

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