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Faculty Council Minutes: April 7, 2011
Members Attending:
Jana Allen, Carolyn Moore, Loretta Calvert, Joan Weaver, George Wilson, Bobbie Kilbane, Renee Eades, Jane Armour, Greg Burgess, Clark Cropper, Jamshed Ghouse, Rita Sowell, Pete Melvin, new member, guest, Tim Amyx
Minutes from the March 3, 2011 meeting were approved with revisions noted.
Codes for Advising and Other Changes:
Tim Amyx spoke about codes for advising and noted that there are rubrics changes. Rubrics have been received from the TBR to establish university transfer pathways, a creation of the Complete College Act. Tim is on the board that determines common course numbers and defines paths and transfer routes. Paths are prescribed for students to follow a degree plan. These pathways must be approved before the fall 2012 catalog is printed. UTP’s (Universal Transfer Paths) must have the exact course curriculum. UTP guarantees acceptance to the junior undergraduate level if a student stays on the path. There are no substitutions allowed to create clear pathways. Acceptable courses will be determined by the Deans if there are some questions. The UTP will be transcripted. Joint discipline-specific curriculum committees between the TBR and other entities may be necessary. The deadline to establish the UTP’s is fall 2011. Curriculum committees have been meeting since summer 2010.
All these changes are concurrent with curriculum redesign efforts for A-100 guidelines. VolState is in the second round of pilots. A-100 guidelines were adopted in 2010. By the fall of 2013 all TBR schools must have their guidelines and pilots completed. The course structure will support the Learning Support competencies. For example, course codes for learning support writing are now LSComp1 and LSComp2. A diagnostic pre and post score is required for students to enter and exit learning support. A student with an ACT score of <13 will not qualify to register for learning support classes. Financial aid will not pay for those students who are not ready for learning support.
VolState is developing a Banner screen for students with <13 ACT scores. They will be directed to advising and to New Skills or will be directed to Continuing Education where they can apply their financial aid to take basic tutoring. Semesters do not apply for less than learning support study, but a student’s progress is based on how long it takes for a particular student to attain a competency or overcome a deficiency.

Students who score <college level in ACT, COMPASS, ASSET, etc. are automatically enrolled in learning support. A diagnostic exam follows to place the student in a particular course in the learning support curriculum. Students can do a first day test-out in math’s five competencies or score in a writing / reading pre-diagnostic prior to their enrollment in a particular course. Students will work their way through the competencies. Advisors must be able to read the competencies to properly advise the students. Instruction can be tailored to adjust to a student’s individual needs within most learning support courses. Scores could be farmed out to a vendor to enter test scores into Banner so that faculty will not be overwhelmed.
New students will be required to have proof of two varicella vaccines in order to be considered full-time. The shots include MMR and chicken pox inoculations.
New Council Members for 2011 -2012:
Pete Melvin and Jeff Moore will replace Rita Sowell and Chuck Conrad.
Sue Mulcahy, Scott McMillan, and Clay Scott will replace Bobbie Kilbane, Judi Truitt, and Daniel Kelley.
Clark Cropper, TBR sub-council representative, remains a member. The faculty council unanimously supports retaining Clark, who is willing to stay on the TBR sub-council so that VolState will have continuity with the representative position.
The faculty speaker will be selected by both new and old members on Thursday, April 21.
Budget Hearings Summary:
Loretta led a line-item review of the budget and explained some of the cabinet’s reasoning behind the budget items. Budget hearings are open, and Loretta encouraged faculty to attend.
The council discussed the question about whether we need a dean of learning support. Do we need a dean at all and if we do, shouldn’t we have a national search? The faculty agreed to draft a recommendation concerning their position that learning support should have a director and not a dean.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 pm.
Bobbie Kilbane, Faculty Council Secretary

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