Understanding the Faces of DACA

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The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy better known as “DACA” increasingly impacts our students, friends, neighbors and entire communities across Middle Tennessee. Recent policy initiated through the Justice Department has further inflamed this human/civil rights crisis by separating children from their parents and other family members. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will sponsor a discussion to help our Vol State community understand the real-life implications of policies which can often lead to devastating consequences for immigrant families. Join us as we interrogate DACA policy implications and Justice Department actions and if these policies comply with our U.S. Constitution. Visit our site often for updates on this and other Diversity and Inclusion programming.

Thursday, October 4th • 11:30 AM
Rochelle Center (Lunch Served)
This discussion, led by Dr. David Fuqua, Vol State Economics Faculty member, our program will reveal the real faces impacted by DACA policy and subsequent actions by the Justice Department. The real-life stories of immigration and how families navigate systems yet to clarify their status while seeking a better life for their families will be the focus of our discussion. Dr. Fuqua will illuminate “how we got here” by examining the history of immigration and immigration policy since the founding of the Republic.