LGBTQ+ Programming

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The LGBTQ+ community at VSCC is vital to the diversity we enjoy on our campus.  However, there is still much to learn as these communities continue to grow and evolve.  The goal of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is to engage and support the LGBTQ+ communities on campus and beyond.  We plan programs with Spectrum, our LGBTQ+ student organization.  We plan to organize joint community service projects with our students and students from other campuses.  These service projects will not only serve to help our communities but as an opportunity for students who might never interact to get to know someone and perhaps even make a friend outside their typical social group.

Moreover, D&I host Safe Zone training throughout the year for faculty and staff.  This training serves as an opportunity to learn about LGBTQ+ identities, gender, and sexuality.  Further, this training examines prejudice, assumptions, and privilege.  Safe Zone training better equips our community towards a better understanding of LGBTQ+ life and demonstrates our commitment to creating more LBGTQ+ inclusive environments.

Thursday, October 25th • 12:30 PM
Identity and Career Choices and Challenges
Randy & Lois Wood Campus Center, Mary Cole Nichols Dining Hall-B
How does your identity or expression of your identity impact your career opportunities?  How do you present the best version of “you” to a potential employer?  Have or will you consider “coming out” on your new job?  How do you identify bias and exclusion in the workplace due to your identity?

Lamont Holley, Medical Case Management Coordinator for Nashville Cares, will facilitate a discussion towards answering these and other questions as many among the LGBTQ+ communities consider their careers and aspirations beyond Vol State.  Mr. Holley will equip you with how to navigate career and job searches while considering factors of identity and how hiring entities factor in the identity and identity expression in their hiring practices.