Diversity Awareness Week

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This week is a time for Vol State to proudly highlight the ever-increasing diversity on our campus.  Typically reserved for Mid-October, this week includes programs and activities to help educate, inform, and most importantly provides opportunities for us to better understand each other.  Through enlightening programs, film series, direct dialogue and student organizations participation, we further the goals of diversity and inclusion and emphasize the diversity every person brings to our campus, regardless of skin color, religion, background, social economic status, gender identity, gender expression, military service, age, disability and countless other layers of diversity.  Along with the Diversity and Awareness Committee, Student Engagement and Support, faculty, staff, student organizations and community entities we honor the uniqueness we all bring to Vol State.  Please see the schedule below for our 2018 Diversity Awareness Week Agenda.


AFTERNOON FILM SERIES (Refreshments served)
Diversity Awareness Week will kick off with a 3-Part film series entitled The Color of Fear by filmmaker Lee Mun Wah

The Color of Fear, Part One (90 min)
Monday, October 22nd • 3:00 pm 
Mary Cole Nichols Dining Hall B • Refreshments provided
An insightful, groundbreaking film about the state of race relations in America as seen through the eyes of eight North American men of Asian, European, Latino, and African descent. In a series of intelligent, emotional and dramatic confrontations, the men reveal the pain and scars that racism has caused them. What ends up emerging is a more profound understanding and trust.

The Color of Fear, Part Two (56 min)
Tuesday, October 23rd • 3:00 pm 
Mary Cole Nichols Dining Hall B • Refreshments provided
An intense emotional confrontation about racism, whereas Walking Each Other Home explores in greater depth the intimate relationship that eight men had with each other. In this sequel, the European American men had added opportunities to express how they felt when the men of color were angry, why they were afraid, and what they discovered about themselves and each other as men of European descent.

The Color of Fear, Part Three (60 min)
Wednesday, October 24th • 3:00 pm 

Mary Cole Nichols Dining Hall B • Refreshments provided
An intimate conversation on the issues of what it is to be gay in this society and the impact it has their sense of safety and identity. Through their personal stores and interactions, we have a glimpse into the fears, the stereotypes, and moral issues that are dividing and confronting us today.

Lamont Holley

Identity and Career Choices/Challenges 
Thursday, October 25th • 12:30 PM

Mary Cole Nichols Dining Hall B • Lunch provided
A discussion facilitated by Mr. Lamont Holley of Nashville Cares features how to navigate career and job searches while considering factors of identity and how hiring entities factor identity and identity expression into their practices. How and when to “come out” in your job and job search.  This program is co-sponsored with Spectrum.

The Color of Fear Wrap-Up Discussion • Reception to follow
Thursday, October 25th • 3:00 pm
Randy & Lois Wood Campus Center, Mary Cole Nichols Dining Hall B
Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Michael McDonald of Cumberland University, this will be a group discussion about the films and our deeper awareness of “self” in relation to the world. There will be a series of questions based on the films to challenge views to reexamine their thinking.  Also, there will be segments of the films to show precisely the ways a conversation on racism can be derailed by discomfort, anguish, fear, and context that we all bring to the table and how we can move through all of these sensations while moving the conversation forward.