Diversity and Inclusion Spring Series

The Spring Semester Diversity and Inclusion Series will focus on civil discourse, diversity conversations and finding common ground among opposing/competing groups.

Finding Civility and Common Ground in Polarizing Times
Can we debate the most polarizing topics of our day without shouting, attacks, or insults?
Can Black Lives Matter, racial tensions over police misconduct. #MeToo, gender inequities, reproductive freedom, immigration, and other controversial topics are discussed in a public forum without vitriol?  With our extreme political differences polluting the political climate, shouting matches have replaced informed, rational and constructive conversation.  The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will endeavor to bring individuals and groups together to discuss these topics in a just and inclusive way. Our goal is to bring together individuals who can move beyond the left and the right talking points and engage in a thoughtful examination of the most critical social, political and ethical issues of the day.

How to Talk “Diversity”
What does it take to create real and lasting change? How have diversity and inclusion efforts advanced social justice and equality? With sights set on a future that will be ever more diverse and global, program facilitators will hold small group teach-ins to equip students in the art of talking diversity.  At the time when the level of racial tension and polarization is so high, we are mandated as educators to help our students’ bridge race, gender, religion, sexual identity and expression and other differences to create true ally-ship and organizational environments of inclusion, trust, and collaboration.