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Diversity Awareness Week is Coming!

October 22-25 will mark the 2018 Vol State Diversity Awareness Week.  During this week, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and many of our campus partners and organizations will present programming for the entire campus community.  These programs will include the film series by acclaimed director Lee Mun Wah entitled The Color of Fear.  This series will closely and passionately examine the state of race relations.  Student Engagement and Support will sponsor our Fall Festival and International Food Day.  On Thursday, October 25th, we offer a special program co-sponsored by Spectrum which examines the challenges of identity and identity expression in the workplace when entering the job market.  Finally, we will close out our week of activities with a wrap-up discussion about the Color of Fear series with a reception to follow.  For more information, go to the programming drop-down menus above and go to Diversity Awareness Week.

Should you have additional questions you may contact us at 615.230.3461 or email: diversityandinclusion@volstate.edu.

Jeff S. King
Diversity and Inclusion
Student Services